Peteris Pakalns

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Creator of Settletopia.

An experienced developer with expertise in complex algorithms and solutions.

Peteris is particularly drawn to games that provide challenging environments and strategic planning opportunities, such as factory building games, colony management games, and city simulations. He thrives on applying creative solutions to diverse situations within these genres.

After an extensive search for a colony management game that he could enjoy with his friends, Peteris realized that such a game didn't exist. Motivated by desire for this game, he took it upon himself to create a game that not only he but others would also find enjoyable.

His professional portfolio includes the development of an unmanned aerial vehicle machine vision solution, development of a statically validatable domain specific query language and many other technically challenging projects. He is also an accomplished competitive programmer. His team ranked 20th in the 2017 USA world finals and 41st in the 2019 Portugal world finals of the International Collegiate Programming Contest. During his free time, he actively contributes to organizing programming and mathematics competitions in Latvia.

Early preview of open world multiplayer colony simulator

Introducing Settletopia, a procedurally generated open-world multiplayer colony management game. Develop your colony into a kingdom and engage in cooperative or competitive gameplay with your friends!

Posted 2023-05-09 09:19:42 by ppakalns