Overview of Settletopia, which is a procedurally generated open world multiplayer colony management game.


Game is available for Windows, Linux, macOS operating systems.

Download at


  1. At start of the game create kingdom or join another players kingdom.
  2. Pick starting location of kingdom.
  3. Start the game.
  4. When mouse is over game screen, you can zoom into game world using +/- buttons or mouse scrollbar.
    • Remeber, in this game you can zoom from seeing whole world to seeing seperate plants.
  5. You can move around world view using WASD buttons.
  6. At action menu you can issue actions for your kingdom residents to complete. To issue action:
    1. Select action,
    2. Select region in world view by pressing mouse button and dragging mouse.
    3. Add or remove regions for which to apply command.
    4. Issue command. These steps can be executed with keyboard shortcuts that you see on the right side of buttons.