Build your colony, explore the world, gather resources, and create your own kingdom together with your friends.

Settletopia is a procedurally generated open-world multiplayer colony management game.

Early preview:

Early preview downloadGame tutorial and screenshots

Open world

Explore an ever-changing world without artificial borders as you grow your colony into a powerful kingdom with multiple cities. Encounter challenges along the way, gathering resources and managing logistics.


Join forces with other players to manage a single colony or create your kingdom. Interact with other player-managed colonies, bringing an added layer of competition and cooperation to your experience.

Colony simulator

Manage every aspect of your colony, from gathering resources to controlling huge armies. Grow your colony into a thriving kingdom, facing complex decision-making and resource management challenges that will test your skills as a leader.

Procedurally generated

Experience a unique world every time you play, making each playthrough different from the last, and adding a sense of discovery and exploration to your gameplay.

In active development

The game is currently in early preview and undergoing active development, with regular additions of new features and improvements.


The author of this game is an experienced developer with a background in complex solution development. Having a long-standing desire for a large-scale colony management game, the author embarked on creating one after years of not finding a suitable alternative.


Early preview of open world multiplayer colony simulator

Introducing Settletopia, a procedurally generated open-world multiplayer colony management game. Develop your colony into a kingdom and engage in cooperative or competitive gameplay with your friends!

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